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Frequently asked questions


  • Why do I need to preregister?

    Well, if you want to secure your spot in this one of a kind event you need to preregister. That way you’ll be the first to know when the official signup page is up and running. When you’re preregistered you’ll get an email from us a few days prior, to remind you that it’s about to start. (And honestly, you don’t wanna miss it) You’ll also be able to access the first tier of squad tickets. Tier one will only be available for pre-registered members.

  • Can I participate when I’m preregistered?

    Nope, pre-registrations are only meant to make sure you’re notified when it’s time to sign up.

  • How many people can preregister?

    An unlimited amount. To give everyone a fair shot we haven’t set any limitations.

  • I don’t want to participate. Can I also spectate and cheer on my friends?

    Yes you can. There will be an event location with lots of stuff to do and a lot of opportunities to cheer on anyone you want. The whole event is also streamed through our website.

The Game

  • How many people can participate?

    Only 750 squads or 3000 people will be able to participate, so you’ll have to be quick about it as spots are limited. Are you pre-registered yet?

  • How many people are playing at the same moment?

    25 squads or 100 players will play at the same time. Each equipped with gear.

  • What age do I need to be able to participate?

    Well, because we don’t want to encourage violence to minors, you’ll have to be 18 and up to participate. Over 80 years old? No problem, there will be a medical available just in case.

  • Where will this event take place?

    Our location still remains secret and will be announced soon. We can already tell you that it will be somewhere near Brussels. Expect a forest, open areas, shelters, … Don’t worry. We will provide shuttles for the people traveling with public transportation.

  • What does the game schedule look like?

    We’ve scheduled play time for over 5 days. The first 3 days will be all about preliminary rounds with 3000 players. There will be a total of 10 games each day, each game lasting for about +/- 50 minutes. The 5 best squads will be qualified for the semi-finals on day 4. On this day, the remaining 600 players will battle for a place in the finals. Day 5 is played with the last 25 squads. They’ll play 4 full games.

  • What’s a Battle Royale?

    Battle royale games involve dozens to hundreds of players, who start with minimal equipment. They have to eliminate all other players while avoiding being trapped outside of the constant shrinking of the arena. The winner is the last player/team standing.

General Gameplay

  • How does the game start?

    Every squad will be placed randomly on the field, in a starting shed. You will each have a laser gun, with a smartphone attached to it. Instructions will be found on the official RLBR app that will be installed on the phone. You’ll start with basic equipment and you will need to find utility boxes to upgrade your gear.

  • What’s that thing about a storm?

    In order to not die a slow death, you’ll need to stay inside the eye of the storm. This applies to all squads, so eventually you’ll have to cross paths. If you’re caught by the storm, you will gradually lose health. Scan those utility boxes and hope for some health/shield pickups!

  • What kind of equipment will I be using while playing this game?

    Not to brag, but we’ll provide the best laser tag technology in the world. Unfortunately, we can’t share any details yet, since we’re upgrading our equipment. Be sure to follow us on social media for some behind the scenes demos.

  • How do I upgrade my gear?

    To upgrade your gear, you need to scan utility boxes that you can easily find on the map on your display. When scanning a utility box, you can unpack special guns, health, shield, loot and special stuff (more info about that later)

  • What can I find on the official RLBR app?

    On the app, you’ll find everything you need to enjoy the game:

    – Your and your team members location, names, health

    – Your weapon, obviously

    – Loot

    – Remaining squads

    – The storm, and timer when it’s time to close in

    – Game time

    – Number of kills (or deaths in pre-rounds)


    – Compass

  • How can I swap guns?

    You can swap guns by tapping the weapon selection button in the RLBR app. Each weapon preset includes unique properties like range, damage, clip size, reload speed, and rate of fire. If all this confuses you, don’t worry about it. Well before the start of our tournament, we’ll provide you with some tutorial videos.

  • What weapons can I select?

    We’re a big fan of adding some pretty random things to our game. We don’t want to spoil anything, but what we càn tell you is that 4 default weapons types will be available: The Battle Rifle, SMG, shotgun and a sniper rifle. All other weapon types are still secret.

  • Do I need to jump from a flying bus?

    Unfortunately that’s not possible. Our legal department was not happy with this proposal.
    Hey but you can pretend to jump?


  • What are preliminaries?

    Preliminaries or preliminary-rounds are the qualification rounds for the semi-finals.

  • If I get killed early on, did I just spend money for 5 minutes of gameplay?

    Nope, our main focus is for our players to have fun. That’s why you have unlimited respawns in the preliminary-rounds. So a full hour of gameplay is guaranteed.

  • How long does a game last in the preliminaries?

    1 hour. Squads will have 1 hour of exclusive gameplay.

  • How can we qualify for the semi-finals?

    Winning squads are based on how well they play of course. We look at the total amount of kills, minus the amount of deaths per squad. Since every squad will have an unlimited amount respawns in the preliminary rounds, we won’t play with official Battle Royale rules for these rounds. Of 25 squads each round, 5 will quality for the semi-finals.


  • Do we also have unlimited respawns in the semi-finals?

    Nope, we want you to show us what you’re made of. Respawns won’t be available during the semi-finals. You can only use medkits to regain health.

  • How can we qualify for the finals?

    By making sure you’re one of the last 3 out of 25 squads standing per game. When all squad members are down to 0 HP, the full squad is considered eliminated.

  • What are golden coins?

    In the semi-finals, you can earn golden coins that will allow some eliminated squads, to still qualify for the finals. We have 6 golden coins available like originality, fair play, teamwork, … We’ll update you about this soon.


  • What will the finals look like?

    On the final day, we play a best out of 4 games with the remaining 25 squads. The 3 best teams will instantly qualify for next year’s finals.

  • Is there a prize or something?

    Aside from direct access to next year’s finals and online glory, there will be a cash prize. Your entire squad will also get their own high-tech laser equipment to play wherever they want.


  • We only have a squad of 3 members, can we still play?

    You need to have a total of 4 people in your squad, believe us, you will need every help you can get.

  • What are squad sponsors?

    We encourage every squad to find a squad sponsor to get their subscription money refunded. Squad sponsors pay € 300/squad and their logo will be printed on the front and back of their outfit. Once a squad sponsor paid for his squad, we will refund subscription member money to their bank account.

  • What’s the dress code?

    There needs to be a clear distinction between every squad. That means you’ll need to be dressed in the same style/color/costume. Everyone in a scubasuit? Sure! Fortnite skins or stormtrooper costumes? Bring it! Spiderman spandex? At your own risk!

  • What about our squad name?

    You can choose your own unique squad name after you subscribe. Now it’s up to you to create some buzz on social media. You’ll need some fans to support you while they’re watching the livestream! (Did you know the audience will be able to vote for delivery drones while you’re playing?)

  • Can friends, family, and Jessica watch me play?

    Yes they can. Every player will be equipped with a bodycam that is linked to a unique livestream sorted per squad. Spectators can choose to follow you, and will be notified when you’re about to play. They can also view your statistics, so you better play well, Morty.

Event & Tickets

  • What is spectator mode?

    You don’t need to play to be a part of Real Life Battle Royale. Every game will be livestreamed online and you will be able to watch whatever squad or player you want to watch. Creepy, right? Spectators will also be able to impact the game through a voting process.

  • What’s the cost of a squad member subscription ticket?

    Every squad member pays €75 to access our event. With this, you’ll have a minimum of 1 hour of gameplay, food and drink tokens, access to the live semi-finals and finals, a goodie bag with a lot of gaming discounts, eternal online glory and your full gameplay recorded.


    Note: Get your squad member subscription money back by finding a squad sponsor.

  • What are tier 1 squad member tickets?

    Tier 1 tickets are only available for people who preregistered.

  • Will there also be a tier 2 squad member tickets available?

    Maybe, this depends on the tickets that remain from tier 1. Remember that we only have 750 full squad tickets available.

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